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What people say about us 

I believe there are many positives for this website such as the interactive learning as well as the informative side. Children as well as adults I think would be able to learn something from, this website as a whole.

Vicky (Head of RE at Westlake Academy)


There are a lot of topics that are covered in this website.

The blogs can go into depth about certain topics to help our understanding.

Year 8 student

-Easy to use when learning, particularly our age group.

-Straight forward

-Aesthetically pleasing

-Lots of information

-Lots of pictures

-Includes interactive games

Year 8 student


I liked how there was all 6 most common religions and lots of information about them.

I didn't like how on the home page, the picture doesn't fully fit to my iPad screen and I have to scroll up and down to see the full image. An improvement for the website is to maybe add more of the unknown religions that people have never seen before.

Maddi (year 8)


I like how there is lots of educational activities.

Isla (year 8)


I like how it's educational and fun.

Sophie (year 8)


An improvement is to have more information on it.

Sasha Year 8

We like the ideas of the games but we think that there should be more information incorporated.

We also liked the blogs but we feel as though the blogs should be more relevant to now.

Add humanism

Year 8 students

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