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Palm Sunday: 10 Reasons why Christians Follow Jesus.

When we read the New Testament we discover that there are two contrasting groups of people who lined the streets when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. There are those who were following Jesus who called him King waving palm leaves and shouting ‘Hosanna to the king of the Jews’ and some even laying their clothing down as a red carpet The other group are the pharisees who rebuked Jesus for allowing his followers to treat him as king. The Pharisees represented those who were non- believers.

Hear are 10 Reasons why Christians still hail Jesus as King and follow him in 2020:

  • He provides hope in what is sometimes a very dark world

  • He taught love, forgiveness and peace.

  • His message of forgiveness, love and peace is for the whole world. A message of unity.

  • He eased the suffering of those he met especially those who were sick, hungry and despised by society.

  • He conquered both death and sin when he died and rose again. Death and sin are two of the world’s darkest experiences.

  • He provides a model for living for everyone.

  • He is God in human form, and it is through Jesus that we can know God.

  • Jesus was a servant king. He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, which is a beast of burden. He didn’t use a carriage or chariot as most rulers and royalty would. Humility and service was a big theme is his life.

  • Jesus wept for those who didn’t understand that he was the Son of God who they had been waiting for since the prophets had foretold his coming many years before. Jesus is for everyone.

  • God through Jesus helps us to make sense of life.

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