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10 Facts about Lent

10 Facts about Lent

  • Lent is a period of 40 days when Christians prepare for Easter

  • The Latin word ‘Quadragesima’ which means ‘fortieth is the name for the first Sunday in Lent.’ It may also be a shortened form of the old English word Lencten which means 'spring time' .or 'lengthening of days'.

  • The 40 days came about because the Bible has accounts of two testing times The Israelites spent 40 testing days in the wilderness after the Exodus from slavery in Egypt and we read of Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness after his baptism when he was tempted by the devil.

  • 40 is an important number in the Bible. Noah and his family experienced 40 days and 40 nights of rain when they were in the Arc. Moses fasted on the mountain for 40 days before he gave the 10 commandments to the Israelites. The spies who were sent into Canaan were there for 40 days. It took Elijah 40 days to find Mount Sinai. 40 days is mentioned at least 20 times in the Bible.

  • When the Bible uses the number 40 it is a way of saying 'ample time'.

  • Some Christians fast during Lent whilst others are self-disciplined to study the Bible and pray more often. The are 40 days in Lent without counting the Sundays. The Sundays are feast days.

  • Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, the day after Shrove Tuesday which is Pancake Day in the UK.

  • In some churches, on Ash Wednesday, ashes are placed on worshippers’ foreheads by the priest or vicar as a sign that they need and want forgiveness.

  • Lent is first mentioned in the 4th Century when Christians spent 40 days being prepared for baptism into the Church at Easter.

  • Purple is the colour worn by the clergy during Lent symbolising the Kingship and royalty of Jesus.

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