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10 Facts about the Hajj

Ten Facts about the Hajj - The fifth Pillar of Islam

  • The Hajj is an annual event on the Muslim calendar and ends with festival Eid ul Adha which means festival of sacrifice.

  • Each year thousands of Muslims make a pilgrimage to the Ka'aba in Mecca. This pilgrimage is called the Hajj.

  • The Hajj is a duty for Muslims and the fifth and final Pillar of Islam.

  • If they can afford it, every fit and able Muslim must go on the Hajj at least once in their life-time.

  • There is a lesser pilgrimage called Umrah and this can be performed when a pilgrim enters Mecca. This is optional and is an addition to the Hajj and not a replacement.

  • Most Muslims fly to Jeddah and get a bus to Mecca and they usually travel with very little luggage.

  • Muslims must be in a state of Ihram which means they must be pure. Muslims wear white clothing and must obey the following eight regulations:

- no marital relations

- no shaving or nail cutting

- no use of perfume

- no killing or hunting

- no fighting or arguing

- men cannot wear clothes with stitching

- women cannot cover their faces.

- a very simple white robe is worn by all pilgrims. This is called Ihram

  • The Hajj regulations aim to ensure the feeling of equality and brotherhood and they remove all signs of status and wealth. In Allah’s eyes everyone is equal.

  • At the Hajj Muslims remind themselves of the importance of life and they reflect on the purpose and meaning of their lives and renew their commitment to it.

  • The Hajj unites Muslims and strengthens their faith

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