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Ten Facts about Bar Mitzvah

Ten Facts About Bar Mitzvah

  • The term Bar Mitzvah means ‘under obligation to perform the Jewish commandments.’ It is about becoming an adult in the Jewish Religion.

  • A Bar Mitzvah is not an event. It is the state of adulthood in the Jewish religion.

  • A boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah when he his 13 and the ceremony commemorating this usually takes place at worship on the first Sabbath after his thirteenth birthday.

  • Up until Bar Mitzvah the boy's father is responsible for the boy’s actions and behaviour. Bar Mitzvah relieves the father of this obligation and bestows it upon his son.

  • At Bar Mitzvah you are expected to follow and practice Jewish law in full and take part in synagogue services and be part of the Minyan.

  • Jewish boys are prepared for Bar Mitzvah through classes where they learn Hebrew and practice reading the Torah aloud.

  • At Bar Mitzvah a boy will wear the Tefillin for the first time and read part of the Torah to the congregation.

  • The Rabbi will usually give a talk addressed to the boy and the boy might respond with his own talk.

  • The boy's father will offer a prayer of thanks for his son's coming of age

  • During the last century ceremonies commemorating Bat Mitzvah developed. Bat Mitzvah is

the coming of age of Jewish girls which takes place a year earlier than boys at the age of 12. The preparation is much the same as Bar Mitzvah.

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