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10 Facts About Diwali - A Festival of Lights

Every year in November the Hindu festival of Diwali takes place. Diwali is a very colourful Hindu celebration and is the major festival for Hindus.

10 Facts about Diwali

  • The story celebrated at Diwali is that of Rama and Sita. This story reminds Hindus that good conquers evil and that light overcomes darkness.

  • The word Diwali means ‘rows of lighted lamps’ and the festival is known as the Festival of Lights. Lights are used to decorate streets and buildings. Sometimes there is a firework display.

  • Small lights called diyas are lit in windows. These are lit to welcome Lakshmi into their homes. Shops and public places also light diyas. Sometimes windows and doors are left open for Lakshmi.

  • For many Hindus Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, is the centre of the celebration.

  • The festival lasts for five days.

  • Hindus carry out spring cleaning in preparation for the visit of Lakshmi.

  • Gifts and greetings are exchanged.

  • People wear new clothes.

  • The focus of Diwali varies according to the region in India. For some it focuses on Rama’s return from exile and the defeat of the evil Ravana, for others Lakshmi is at the heart of the festival and some Hindus celebrate Lord Krishna’s defeat of the evil King Narakaasura.

  • Patterns such as the lotus flower are drawn on floors. These are called Rangoli.

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