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Ten Reasons why People Pray?

Millions of people in the world believe praying has an important role in life. They believe it makes a difference. Here are 10 reasons why people pray.

  1. They believe that God answers prayers

  2. Jesus taught his disciples how to pray and he emphasised the importance of praying both through his teaching and by spending hours at prayer himself.

  3. For Muslims prayer is a duty and one of the five pillars and must be carried out five times each day. Some Muslims have said that prayer is better than sleep.

  4. When people pray they may confess that they have done things that are wrong. and they ask for forgiveness.

  5. People give thanks to God through prayer.

  6. Prayer brings people closer to God. Having a close relationship with God is important to millions of people in the world.

  7. People pray for healing and for others who are in need.

  8. Prayer helps people to follow the teachings that are in the scriptures.

  9. Prayer gives people hope in a world that is suffering and groaning and is plagued with evil.

  10. Some people pray for guidance

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