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The Real Easter

For many people Easter is about chocolate eggs, bunnies, family feasts and a holiday from school or work. For Christians, Easter is about the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. This is one of the most important beliefs of the Christian Religion.

Here are 10 reasons why:

  • Jesus died on the cross. Which was the accepted method of Roman and Jewish execution in the first century.

  • The death of Jesus was a sacrifice made so that sin could be forgiven.

  • When Jesus was crucified he suffered the same pain and rejection as anyone else who was crucified.

  • Jesus was buried in a tomb owned be Joseph of Arimathea.

  • On the third day Mary and three disciples found the tomb empty.

  • After the tomb was found empty Jesus met Mary in the garden and the disciples by the Sea of Galilee and in the upper room in Jerusalem.

  • Jesus had risen from the dead.

  • Evil was conquered through the resurrection of Jesus.

  • The world received hope through the resurrection of Jesus.

  • The living Jesus resulted in the transforming of lives and the birth of the Church and a new religion called Christianity

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