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The Mosque

  • The word mosque or Masjid means prostration. The Mosque is a place of prostration. Prostration is when you kneel before Allah with your forehead touching the ground.

  • The mosque is a place for prayer and teaching.

  • A mosque can be a purpose-built building with a dome and a minaret or a converted front room of a house.

  • Purpose built mosques always face Mecca with the qibla on the wall nearest mecca. Converted buildings always have a qibla that shows which direction Mecca is.

  • The dome is just an architectural and decorative feature and the minaret is a tall slender tower from which Muslims are called to prayer.

  • The Imam is the leader of the Mosque

  • Every mosque will have a place for ablutions which are known as wudu. Muslims must cleanse themselves before worship using these washing facilities. They must wash their face, hands and feet. This is a spiritual ritual and prepares a person for worship and prayer.

  • The large main room in the mosque is called the prayer hall.

  • Worshippers remove their shoes when they enter the mosque because it is a sacred place and they do not want to bring the dirt off the streets of the world into Allah’s house.

  • Women always cover their heads at worship and prayer.

  • In many mosques women worship from the balcony or are separated in another room away from the men because their beauty is seen as a distraction at worship.

  • There is no furniture in the prayer hall apart from the pulpit known as a minbar.

  • The main day for worship in a mosque is a Friday which is called Juminah.

  • Mosques can also be used for gatherings where food is eaten at the birth or death of someone.

  • There are over 1600 mosques in the UK.

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