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Science, God and Me

Six Scientific Facts

  • There were 7,442 billion people living in the world in 2016. I am just one of them. We have a universe that is endless.

  • We may have been fortunate enough to see the large, blue moon on 31st January. If you walked by yourself and did not stop it would take nine years for you to reach the moon. You would be very tired.

  • The universe is 13.5 billion years old.

  • Humankind as we know it today has been around for about 200,000 years but our ancestors have been around for 6 million years

  • humankind have been around for 0.004% of the earth’s history.

  • If the ‘big bang’ happened on day one of a year, humankind would have evolved on day 365 and we would still be on day 365.

How do these scientific facts help us make sense of life?

They tell me that I am a really, tiny, minute dot in the whole scheme of things.

They tell me there is a much, much bigger picture to understand.

They tell me that there still needs to be a creator who I call God.

They tell me that If God is the creator, He knows the past which he created, the present which he is involved in and the future which he has planned. He can see the whole picture or movie and we see a mere snapshot.

They tell me that I cannot possibly understand everything.

What do these scientific facts say to you?

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