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RE and my Christian Experiences

I am a year eight student and I am writing to tell you about my RE and Christian experiences. My name is Lily and I welcome you enthusiastically to my life as a Christian. I have never been christened before. So does that mean I’m not technically a Christian? If i were to be christened - I would be christened in a Methodist church. I have been to christenings before so I do know what happens. Sometimes I feel like a Christian. I feel like I can connect with my Grandma. She’s not around anymore, and I never met her but everyone from my dads side of the family told my so much about her. My dad is adopted - I think that my grandma was scared that one of her children was going to inherit breast cancer from her. My grandma died of breast cancer when she was 45. I was sick yesterday... well... not really. Sometimes I just need a day off from all the work. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in an ocean of school work. All the papers are dragging me under and there are harmful currents, emotionally beating me up. Yesterday I was alone in the living room watching TV, I just burst out crying. I felt like I needed a good cry. I turned the TV off and started talking... to grandma. Sometimes I do that, when I’m really stressed. I told her all my problems and lies and sins. She’s a good listener. And I felt better after. Lily West Lakes Academy

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