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Most recently we were told to make a project on inspirational people. We were each given a person to research on, which we would later present to someone from our class. They would tick of the success criteria if we met with its requirements and would later give us an overall level. I had to research on Muhammad Ali, an American boxer, well known for all his great accomplishments in his carrier and life. But after he was diagnosed with a septic shock disorder, he was no longer able to continue his career. He is a great inspiration as of all the good deeds he has done, such as donating lots of money to the less lucky people. He was also very resilient towards everything, he never gave up on anything, he even fought back when he got denied into the US army because of his faith and religion which is unfair. Therefore I think Muhammad Ali was a very good person, that was an inspirational man. Sadly Muhammad had passed away in 2016, 3rd of June due to his septic shock disorder. Thanks for reading!

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