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The Versatility of R E

As a year 8 student since the past 2 years in secondary school I am enjoying RE a lot. In my opinion, I think that RE is a very versatile subject and has many uses. I am currently learning about inspirational leaders and I think that this is a good topic because it portrays the different viewpoints of different people and how they confront an obstacle in their way. Whether it's approached peacefully like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. or resolved by 'any means necessary' quoted by Malcolm X when he fought for injustice. These topics open a window for people to realise that you don't have to confront an obstacle in

a way that one person tells you to confront it but to just know that you can have your own opinion and views. Therefore I think that RE is very versatile and can help you even if you don't believe in religion.

By Anshika Bhatt – year 8

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