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R E is Great

This year RE has been great! I learned so much about different people and cultures. I also loved the arguments and debates we had, it helped us develop a much better understanding of something. My favourite topic of this year was inspirational leaders. This is because it was interesting learning about the people who inspired the world. Another reason I loved the inspiration leaders topic is because of the quotes. The quotes inspired us all. For example, Malala said, “One child, One teacher, One book, and one pen can change the world.” This quote is useful and inspirational because it says that with an education you can change the world, you can make it better. This inspires other people to study and get somewhere in life.

RE is also important in life because it tells us about different religions. This is useful because if you see someone wearing religious clothing or doing a religious prayer, you can identify what religion they are. RE also tells you to respect all religions. This is very salient because if you ever make fun of someone because of their religion it can get you into a lot of trouble. RE heightens respect for the beliefs of others and helps build a diverse but cohesive society. To neglect RE is to neglect the future.

By Alamin Ali Akbar – year 8

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