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The Human Story

The human story is not a good one. These are some of the headlines:

  • One man kills 58 people and injures 500 in just a few minutes of gunfire.

  • Around 185,000 people died after two atom bombs were dropped on Japanese cities in 1945.

  • The Holocaust killed over 11 million people.

  • In 2016 over 58.000 children in the UK were known to have needed protection against abuse.

  • Over recent years the world has been rocked by terrorism and hundreds of innocent people have lost their lives in their prime

  • Over 50 people die, and hundreds are made homeless after a fire engulfs Grenfell high rise flats in London.

  • There is appalling suffering in Yemen caused by Humankind.

I could go on, but you will have the picture.

Only we can change that story.

The human story is one of the many reasons why we must teach RE in schools.

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