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10 Things to Know about the Bible

1. The word Bible comes from a word that means library which is a collection of books.

2. The many authors were human and not infallible and not all were educated and some very ordinary people wrote parts of the Bible. What they all have in common was their closeness to God and their pursuit of the truth about our relationship with him.

3. Events written about in the Bible were usually written many years after they took place. Stories were passed on by word of mouth. This is known as the Oral Tradition.

4. Our task is to tease out the truth.

5. The Canon which is the list of books chosen to be in the Bible was chosen by people close to God.

6. The Bible helps us make sense of life.

7. The Bible was originally written mainly in Hebrew with some parts written in Greek and Aramaic and so meanings can sometimes be lost in translation.

8. The Bible is essentially about God’s relationship with us.

9. Christians believe that the Bible is powerful and that It changes lives.

10. According to Guinness World Records the Bible is the world’s best- selling book of all time. Over 5 billion books have been sold.

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