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Jesus Lives

What is the historical evidence that Jesus lived, died and lived again? There are at least a dozen reliable, unbiased, non-Christian pieces of evidence that tell us that Jesus lived and there are even references to him rising from death on the third day. Here they are:

  • There are hundreds of references to Jesus in the Bible

  • The gospels were written in the first century AD and historians believe that ancient sources written within 200 years of events are usually very reliable sources.

  • Most historians say that St Paul wrote his letters to the churches during the middle of the first century. They are considered very strong evidence of the death of Jesus as they were written so soon after his death.

  • In AD 70 Roman Emperor Nero ordered the persecution and slaughter of Christians and the invasion of Jerusalem and many historical manuscripts will have been destroyed and many of the eye witnesses of Jesus’s ministry in Israel lost their lives.

  • At least eight Non-Christian historians mention Jesus in their writings. They refer to his life, death and resurrection.

Christians believe that Easter and the resurrection of Jesus provides hope for the world in two ways. Jesus overcame two of today’s most feared experiences. He conquered death and he conquered evil. This is why Easter is the most important Festival for Christians

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