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The Girl on the Bridge

During the first century Jesus told a story about a notoriously hazardous road. The road was perilous as people could easily be mugged by robbers who had handy places where they could surprise innocent people. Jesus told a fictional story of a man who was mugged and left for dead and eventually a compassionate Samaritan gave the man the aid he needed. In fact, he went beyond what anyone would have expected of him and has become known as the Good Samaritan. This all happened on the road to Jericho.

This week we experienced tragedy on the bridge to Westminster. This is a story which happened for real. Our thoughts and prayers are for those who lost their lives or suffered injury both physical and mentally and we hear that for many these will be life changing. I was moved by a picture I saw of a young, well dressed woman bending over and holding the hand of a man lying down injured on the pavement. Her face was very close to the man’s and she must have been whispering words of comfort to him. This young lady is a Good Samaritan of the 21st century and she wasn’t the only one on Westminster Bridge last Wednesday. We live in a world where suffering and evil are everyday experiences and the world will always need Good Samaritans. The world will always need the love and compassion of one human for another and what gives us hope is that the world is full of people who do acts of love, compassion and caring every day, most of them are unseen and when we capture these acts it gives us hope for the future of our world.

The young lady on the bridge gives us all hope.

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