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What I believe

I believe religion is something you choose, something we search for, a matter of chance and determined by god. It depends on where we were geographically born, what influences we have been subjected to or what experiences we have had the fortune or misfortune to endure.

I like to believe I'm not so ignorant as to believe there is a no greater energy than me, otherwise what is the meaning of life? Where do we come from? What makes us feel? Who am I to disbelieve when it brings me great comfort to believe that when we pass away we find peace and meet loved ones again. If I didn't believe I don't think I would ever have found peace after loosing some of the most important people in my life.

I have obviously questioned God's presence when tragedy has struck myself and others I love and I believe everybody if they where honest would admit to this also. I also believe you find your own path to what you believe as you grow, because life is a learning experience.

Ultimately I believe if we respect others in what they believe from a non judgemental perspective, life as we currently know it, would be a lot easier as I also believe through every aspect mentioned above we can become corrupt and that is a sorry state of affairs.

Ultimately for me I believe we have the right as an individual to believe in what makes us content with dealing with life and how it can affect us and I hope I instils in my children that whatever path they choose and whatever religion (if any) they choose, society will accept and respect them.

We as humans have the ability to make this world and the world beyond a fantastic place to live and a place where we can grow happily.

These are my opinions and I hope people will respect them and that I don't mean to discriminate against anyone else's belief in writing this from my perspective.

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