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When does the beginning really begin?

Life. When does it actually start? From the second the egg has been fertilised or the moment the baby is born. All the different religions will have a different opinion on this but as well so many people have their own ideas about this.

Some believe life begins when the heart is developed and others believe it's after 10 weeks or even just up to before the head is born. Jews think very highly of woman and this is portrayed in their beliefs. If a woman becomes at risk during pregnancy she can get it aborted as her life is seen as having more value. So what is the correct answer? Who knows?

There is a massive debate around this topic - especially when it comes to having an abortion. Here is where we can see a massive divide, people either believe that the baby is not 'alive' yet and therefore they would not feel it. So an abortion is okay to be carried out. However, the others believe that this is wrong - the baby is 'alive' and it's not your decision to decide whether or not to end it's life. They believe that only God can make this decision and you should never take matters into your own hands.

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