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A world of your imagination

Have you ever just stopped, actually opened your eyes and looked what is around you. No? You should try it.

I didn’t release how much culture and religion I was just walking past, from the Neasden Hindu Temple to Regents Park Mosque there is so much to learn. Most people see all religions as being completely separate but when you start looking at each of them and understanding more you can see the similarities. I mean tell me a religion that doesn’t have something involving light, from ceremonies to paying your respects, it all over-laps.

It’s there for you to open up your mind and explore new ways of thinking, which is what I did. I took a day out, took my camera and went exploring around London. Teaching myself more about religion and seeing new cultures. You find yourself looking in a different way, being able to respect religion more and understand it. Which is all it is about.

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