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There is no shelter like faith

I heard this statement recently and it rings true for me.

We all know that suffering is part of life. Sometimes we suffer from physical ill health at other times we may suffer from mental frailty and sometimes life is just really hard. No one is exempt but some are more fortunate than others. We also witness the hardship and sufferings of those we love, our friends and millions of people we don't know personally. Siddhartha Gautama searched for a way of dealing with suffering. He was eventually enlightened and as a result we have the four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path to help us cope with suffering. You might like to read up on them to see if they help you.

There is no shelter like faith.

That may be faith in a way of life like Buddhism offers or faith in a God as Christians preach or both. Christianity teaches of a God who loves everyone, of a God who suffers with everyone and of a God who knows everyone. Buddhism teaches of a way of life that renounces materialism, desire and selfishness.

One of the reasons why most people in our world are religious is that faith provides a shelter from all that life throws at us.

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