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Twenty reasons why we teach RE

  1. Science teaches us how to split the atom religion teaches us when to use this discovery.

  2. Everyone needs to learn about right and wrong.

  3. We live in a multicultural society.

  4. The world is now a pluralistic, global village and we are part of it.

  5. There are many ultimate questions that young people pursue answers to.

  6. Where else is marriage and family life taught?

  7. SMSC is important in all schools and RE makes a major contribution.

  8. It is where young people explore and find their values.

  9. We live in a country and continent where Christianity was powerful and where we find people we find a church

  10. 80% of the world’s population actively belong to a religion.

  11. We need to learn how to empathise.

  12. We need to learn the skills of reasoning and analysis.

  13. We need to know the meaning behind festivals celebrated in the UK

  14. We need to learn the meaning behind rites of passage ceremonies commonly carried out in the UK.

  15. We need to find out who we are?

  16. We need to develop an understanding of life.

  17. Our history is steeped in religious events.

  18. Just as we need numeracy and language skills we need to develop religious literacy.

  19. RE develops creativity

  20. RE promotes reflection

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