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10 Ways of Sustaining Faith in a Secular Society

Living as a Believer in a Secular World

Whatever our beliefs it is not easy to live out our faith in an increasingly secular world. In the UK we live in what traditionally and historically is a Christian country. We were reminded of this at Queen Elizabeth’s, recent, funeral. This blog seeks to share 10 ways that we can sustain our faith in this increasingly secular world.

  • Pray regularly and when we don’t know what to say use the Lord's prayer to feed our thoughts. We can also use songs and hymns.

  • Find sources of inspiration that work for us. We can use the media, people, music, art.....

  • Meet with other believers if we can

  • Remember we can pray and worship anywhere. The natural world is a great place of inspiration and a real place to come close to God.

  • Pain, suffering and grief are part of everyone's lives. There is no escaping them. The only way we can understand and cope with them is through belief in a God of love.

  • The teachings and example of Jesus have a strong emphasis on love, compassion and forgiveness. These are qualities that believers can bring in abundance to the secular world of those who do not believe.

  • Jesus did tell his followers that to walk in his footsteps would not be easy. In the Gospel of Mark chapter 5 we discover that people laughed at Jesus and we know that he was rejected in his own town of Nazareth before he was eventually crucified. He warned of a difficult road and persecution for his followers.

  • Music is a wonderful way of lifting the soul and spirit.

  • Find out about the lives of well known people who are believers.

  • One of the key teachings we find in the Bible is that God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows our thoughts, our failings, our sins, our goodness, our love and our hopes, desires and fears. Our faith is in a God of love, generosity (grace) and forgiveness and teachings in the Bible tell us that those who believe will receive these gifts from God in abundance.

You will find most of these bullet points unpacked in more detail in previous blogs.

Written byhris Browne


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