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Terms and Conditions for Users of SmartRE

Your Obligations:

  1. You agree not to make available your username and password to anyone without our authorisation.

  2. Your organisation is responsible for choosing this product and its licence and whether the product meets the needs of the members of your organisation

  3. You will not upload any unsuitable, inflammatory, immoral, discriminatory, obscene or illegal material on to SmartRE.

  4. You agree to notify us of any inaccuracies found in the material via the contact us page

  5. You agree to use the material published on SmartRE only for your use by yourself or your institution.

  6. You will only be able to access SmartRE during your licensing period which last for one year and begins when you have paid the necessary fees.

  7. All the content on SmartRE is owned by and is copyright of SmartRE Limited.

  8. If you are a teacher or an organisation, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the appropriate use and any adaptation of SmartRE for your students.


Our Obligations:

  1. We will use reasonable endeavour to ensure that SmartRE and all its contents is accessible at all times.

  2. We will provide the necessary passwords and login information to organisations who have a licence.

  3. We will provide any help notes you request or a school visit if it is requested.

  4. We welcome your contributions of materials, activities and resources to SmartRE. You can send them to us by email through the contact us page.

SmartRE Limited

70 Denton Drive

Marston Moreteyne


MK43 0FF

Tel: 07596990685


Company Number: 10557446

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